Explant Decontamination Kit

Explant Decontamination Kit

PhytoReady™ MS Cannabis Multiplication Medium w/ meta-Topolin

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PhytoReady™ Murashige and Skoog Cannabis Multiplication Medium is a ready-to-use MS-based plant tissue culture medium gelled in polycarbonate culture tubes. This ready-made medium is formulated for the tissue culture of cannabis.

Each PhytoReady product arrives as a fully prepared gel in 25 x 150 mm polycarbonate tubes. The tubes are capped and vacuum sealed in sleeves of 10. Each tube contains approximately 20 mL of gelled media.

Recommended tissue preparation for PhytoReady products:

Tissue is generally disinfected for 5-15 minutes in a solution of bleach diluted anywhere from 1:10 to 1:2 with a few drops of Tween 20 added per 50 mL’s and gently mixed. It should then be rinsed with 3-4 volumes of autoclaved/pressure cooked sterile water. These are merely guidelines, and your tissue may require more or less time in more or less concentrated bleach solutions. The goal of tissue disinfection is to find the least harsh solution and amount of time in that solution that will remove fungi and bacteria, yet not induce plant cell and tissue death. Browning of the tissue can sometimes occur during disinfection. This can be reduced by reducing the time incubated in the bleach solution and the concentration of diluted bleach. The spread of browning on the tissue can also be reduced by dipping tissue in the Antioxidant solution following the final sterile water rinse. 

Volume 20 mL of medium per tube
Material Polycarbonate tubes, polypropylene caps
Product Number C1981
Storage Temp. 2 to 8 °C