Phytotech Labs
Growing Passion

PhytoTech exists for one reason: To enhance the propagation of plants. That’s our sole focus. We are a world-class supplier of products for the plant sciences, which means we come to work every day focused only on developing products that raise your tissue culture work to the next level. That’s all we think about. We work for batch-to-batch consistency, improved propagation, and explants you can rely on. We grow confidence. We grow reputations. We grow passion.


This polycarbonate culture vessel is durable with tremendous clarity. Its iconic design has been used in the industry for decades and is optimal for saving space and observing cultures. Includes PTL-100C high clarity polypropylene closures.

Products C2100


This is the most popular gelling agent in tissue culture. With a wide range of package sizes, all of our agar products can accommodate any application, small or large.

Products A111, A296, and A175