Technical Info

Below, you will find all of our general technical documents for products, formulations, laboratory guides, etc. to aid in your plant science research. Please click a document name to open up the PDF in a new tab.

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Product Literature
Document Name & Link Document Description
Agars and Other Gelling Agents Information about all of our current gelling agents and a guide on how to prepare them.
Antimicrobials for Plant Tissue Culture An informative list of all of our antibiotics with a selection guide.
Auxins and Rooting Hormones Detailed information on select auxins and hormones.
Carrageenan Where carrageenan comes from, how it is made, and the performance of our own high clarity carrageenan (product C2000) compared to Gelcarin GP 812 (product C257).
Culture Container Selection Guide A condensed list of our available culture vessels to easily compare specifications between vessels.
Deficient Plant Tissue Culture Media A guide on the various deficient plant tissue culture media we manufacture.
Microbiological Media Formulations An overview of all components prevalent in our microbiological media.
Murashige and Skoog (MS) Media A list of our available MS media to allow you to compare the differences between them.
Orchid Media Formulations A list of all components in each orchid medium formulation.
Orchid Media List Shows all of our available orchid media.
Orchid Media Selection Guide An extensive guide on which media should be selected for your orchid research and when to use certain orchid media products.
Phytopathology & Microbiology Media Selection Guide A guide to our phytopathology and microbiology media, listing typical working concentrations and general application usage.
Plant Growth Regulators Discussing the different types of plant growth regulators and the applications of our current PGRs.
Plant Tissue Culture Media Formulations A full list of components for each plant tissue culture medium.
Vitamin Formulations A list of our vitamin solutions and their components.
Woody Plant Media Selection Guide A guide for selecting a medium for woody plant research.

Plant Specific Protocols
Document Name & Link Document Description
African Violet Micropropagation In vitro propagation of African Violets.
Carrot Callus Induction Establishment and maintenance of carrot callus.
Fern Micropropagation Hints on successful tissue culture propagation of fern.
Lily Micropropagation In vitro propagation of lilies.
Orchid Seed Germination Information on orchid seed germination.
Orchid Stem Propagation Information on orchid stem propagation.
Potato Micropropagation Protocol on potato micropropagation.

Technical Literature
Document Name & Link Document Description
New Plant Growth Regulators and an Update on Established Plant Growth Regulators NEW!
New info on plant growth regulators, stability of cytokinins and auxins, etc.
Agars - Mechanical Integrity of Agars with Time Shows the durability of agars from lot-to-lot.
Basic Laboratory Procedures A guide to basic laboratory procedures to be used during plant tissue culture.
Components of Tissue Culture Media An explanation of the different types of components used in plant tissue culture media.
Controlling Contamination How to control contamination in your workspace and what to do when contamination occurs.
Cytokinin Stability Our study on the stability of adenine-based cytokinin solutions.
Gellan Gum Preparation The recommended preparation of gellan gums for adding to your medium.
Laboratory Safety & Maintenance An overview of common laboratory safety and maintenance operations you should adhere to on a daily basis.
Measuring Liquids A general overview of proper ways to measure liquids.
Media Preparation Various methods on how to prepare your medium.
Media Preparation from Basal Stock Solutions How to prepare your medium from a basal salt solution.
Media Preparation from Powdered Media How to prepare your medium from a powdered formulation.
Media Preparation Log Our media preparation log template to keep track of the components you are preparing for your medium.
Media Yellowing Study The reason MS-based powdered media turns from pristine white to yellow is due to the oxidation of Fe(II) to Fe(III), which occurs anyway during dissolution and autoclaving. Here are the results of our study.
Plant Tissue Culture Terminology Common terminology used in plant tissue culture. Also see our Glossary for more information.
Preparation and Use of Vitamin Mixtures How to prepare and use vitamin solutions.
Preparing Stock Solutions How to prepare a stock solution from various types of components.
Preparation of STS Solution How to prepare a silver thiosulfate solution.
Setting Up a Tissue Culture Lab An overview of how to properly set up a laboratory for plant tissue culture work, including recommended equipment.
Sterile Culture Techniques Standard aseptic transfer techniques.
Sterilizing Glassware & Instruments Different methods for sterilizing your glassware and instruments.
Sterilizing Nutrient Media How to properly sterilize your nutrient medium.
Washing Glassware Our recommended method for cleaning glassware.
Weighing Chemicals A general overview of the different methods of weighing your components.