Product Information

PhytoTechnology Laboratories manufactures and distributes products to the plant tissue culture, plant biotechnology, and plant science markets. Our products are used to mass propagate plants on sterile culture media in laboratory settings. We also supply products for the genetic improvement of plants through gene transformation research. Manufacturing, product development, administration and distribution of products are all performed at the PhytoTechnology Laboratories campus (20,000 square feet of production and research and development space) in Overland Park, a suburb of the Kansas City metro area in Kansas. This central US location provides direct access to most major markets around the world.


PhytoTechnology Laboratories warrants that its products perform as described in our literature. The purchaser must determine the suitability of the products for his/her particular use. Should any product fail for reasons other than through misuse, at PhytoTechnology Laboratories’ option, PhytoTechnology Laboratories will replace the product free of charge or refund the purchase price. This warranty is exclusive, and PhytoTechnology Laboratories makes no other warranty, expressed or implied, including any implied warranty of merchantability of fitness for any particular purpose.

PhytoTechnology Laboratories shall not be liable for any incidental, consequential, or contingent damages.


Our Customer Service Department is available to assist you should a problem arise. Please inspect your packages upon receipt and notify us immediately of any damage that may have occurred with your order. Prior to returning any product, our Customer Service Department should be contacted to obtain authorization and proper shipping procedures. Any product returned without preauthorization and proper documentation may be discarded without refund.

In instances where products have been ordered in error PhytoTechnology Laboratories will do its best to accommodate your request to return products. However, to maintain the quality of our products, certain products may not be accepted for return. Sterile products, hazardous products, and products which require refrigerated or freezer storage may not be returned. There will be a 15% restocking fee applied to the return of any product. Returns must be made within 30 days of purchase.


All products available from PhytoTechnology Laboratories are intended for laboratory, experimental, or further manufacturing use only, unless otherwise expressly specified in the catalogue, label, or other accompanying documentation for the products. Products from PhytoTechnology Laboratories are NOT to be used for pesticidal applications. Government regulations require us to use “Due Diligence” in screening all orders and to refuse to ship any order where improper use is indicated or suspected.

Under NO circumstances are PhytoTechnology Laboratories’ products to be used for human, animal, food or food additive, cosmetic, or pharmaceutical purposes.

Products offered by PhytoTechnology Laboratories are intended to be used by qualified professionals who should be familiar with their potential hazards and trained in good laboratory practices. Information pertaining to the potential hazards of our products is provided on our labels and in our Safety Data Sheets (SDS).

Safety Data Sheets (SDS) are available online for all applicable products and can be easily downloaded in multiple places (directly on the product pages, in product search results, or in Technical Info under Document Search). Please take the time to familiarize yourself with the SDS of any products you order from us. The absence of a warning must not be interpreted as an indication of safety. The safe use of each product must be determined by the end user.


Products labeled for storage at room temperature are shipped via ground. Products stored at 2 to 6° C are normally shipped via two-day express service while products stored at -20 to 0° C are typically shipped by overnight express service. While refrigerator or freezer storage is recommended for the long-term stability of the product, one- and two-day air delivery at ambient temperatures will not detrimentally affect the product’s quality or shelf-life of the product(s).

Shipping methods other than those recommended can be accommodated at our customers’ requests. However, PhytoTechnology Laboratories will NOT be held responsible for any deterioration of product quality due to extended exposure to temperatures higher than those recommended.


PhytoTechnology Laboratories has distributors all over the world in many countries. To find a distributor near you please contact us by fax (1.913.341.5442) or email us at