Shipping Information


For your convenience, PhytoTechnology Laboratories accepts company checks (US funds only) and most major credit cards. Established businesses with credit references may also set up an account with us with our terms being net 30 days.

All products are shipped via FedEx. Your shipping method (ground, next day, etc.) can be determined after you have completed the billing information form, just before the final order is submitted. Please ensure you have read our privacy policy regarding information that we collect in order to process your purchase.

Orders can be placed online, by phone, email, or fax. Rush orders (e.g., requiring overnight delivery) should be placed by phone to ensure availability. Our contact information is listed below:

PhytoTechnology Laboratories
P.O. Box 12205 - Shawnee Mission, KS 66282-2205 USA 
Phone: 1.888.749.8682 or 1.913.341.5343 (Outside the USA) Fax: 1.888.449.8682 or 1.913.341.5442 (Outside the USA)

Phone orders are accepted 8:00 am to 5:30 pm Monday through Thursday and 8:00 am to 1:00 pm on Friday (Central Time Zone). We are closed on Saturday and Sunday. Fax and online orders are always accepted.

All products are shipped FOB PhytoTechnology Laboratories.

All products are normally shipped by PhytoTechnology Laboratories within 24-48 hours of receipt of the order unless otherwise noted at the time the order is placed. In most situations your order will ship the same day if received before 11:00 am CST on that day. Exceptions to this are:

  • No orders are shipped on Fridays (since most products are temperature sensitive)
  • Orders containing products not currently in stock (please call to inquire about stock status)
  • Orders placed around holidays
  • Orders placed by new customers
  • Shipments to residential addresses. These may require more than 48 hrs to ship.


In addition to the above policy, we reserve the right to hold any order longer than 24-48 hours that contains temperature sensitive products based on the time of transit to the shipping address. If an order containing a cooler or freezer product would be shipped on a day that would not ensure delivery before the following weekend, we would hold the order for the following Monday to minimize time in transit. Please refer to our shipping map:

FedEx Shipping Map

For USA customers, to minimize delays in shipping your temperature sensitive order, we recommend the following:

Ground Shipping (order before 1 pm CST on the referenced day):

  • 1 Day Away - Order by Thursday to ship the same week
  • 2 Days Away - Order by Wednesday to ship the same week
  • 3 Days Away - Order by Tuesday to ship the same week
  • 4 Days Away - Order by Monday to ship the same week


2-Day Shipping (order before 1 pm CST on the referenced day):

  • Order by Wednesday to ship the same week


1-Day Shipping/Priority Overnight (order before 1 pm CST on the referenced day):

  • Order by Thursday to ship the same week


If any temperature sensitive order is placed outside of the above recommended days we may hold your order until the following Monday to limit the time in transit and ensure stability of the products ordered.


   To ensure that our products arrive in optimal condition we recommend the following shipping methods:

  • Products labeled for storage at room temperature be shipped via ground.
  • Products labeled for storage at 2 to 6° C be shipped by two-day express service.
  • Products labeled for storage at -20 to 0° C be shipped by overnight express service.


One- and two-day air delivery at ambient temperatures ensures that product quality will not be compromised. Refrigerator or freezer storage is recommended for the long-term stability of the product. Short-term exposure to ambient temperatures experienced during shipping will not detrimentally affect the product’s quality or shelf-life. Shipping charges are based upon weight of the shipment and distance shipped. If you order a temperature sensitive product we recommend putting it in the appropriate recommended storage conditions immediately upon receipt.

PhytoTechnology Laboratories makes every effort to find the least expensive method of shipping. Products cannot be shipped to a P.O. Box unless special arrangements are made at the time the order is placed. Shipments to residential addresses typically incur a surcharge by the carrier, so if you have a business address that you can ship to we recommend using that address for decreased shipping charges.


The US Department of Transportation and IATA classify certain products as hazardous products. Packaging and shipment of these products is regulated and all carriers impose HAZMAT fees. A minimum $30.00 HAZMAT charge is added for all domestic ground shipments; HAZMAT charges for air shipments must be quoted on an individual basis for each shipment. HAZMAT items cannot be delivered to residential addresses and certain countries. We have implemented several rules within the website that will automatically apply any handling fees with hazardous products included with the total shipping cost. Hazardous products are indicated with a hazardous symbol on the product pages. 


On international orders, all duties, taxes, fees and permits required to import and receive the product(s) are the sole responsibility of the customer, unless shipping to Canada or EU (Canada and EU shipping costs are adjusted to include all duties and taxes already). The customer assumes responsibility of the shipment once it has left PhytoTechnology Laboratories. Due to the complicated nature of sending hazardous goods internationally, please note that the website will not factor in additional handling required for shipping HAZMAT products outside of the USA. Please call us before placing any hazardous products to ensure you are aware of all documentation and fees required in these situations.



Our handling fees cover the costs of materials and labor needed for shipping. Shipping materials include:  peanuts, air packs, boxes, Styrofoam boxes, labels, paperwork, and tape. For all domestic (USA) orders there is a flat handling fee of $5 USD per order with increased handling if multiple boxes are needed for the order.  For international customers, there is a $10 USD fee applied per order that covers the increased time on our end to make sure all documentation is provided for our shipping carrier (detailed information is required for all international shipments including proper documentation of all products shipped).

In some situations a product handling fee will be applied to your order. These fees apply to any hazardous or dry ice products added to your cart. All fees are included in the final shipping cost. If you have any questions on these fees please feel free to contact us using our contact us form or call 913.341.5343 for info.