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Tissue Preparation Equipment

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  1. Centrifuge, Micro

    Product ID: C201

    Starting at: $412.62

  2. Centrifuge, Micro-Digital

    Product ID: C251

    Starting at: $744.95

  3. Cryovial, 2 mL, Sterile

    Product ID: C1900

    Starting at: $30.94

  4. Homogenizer

    Product ID: H291

    Starting at: $704.18

  5. Homogenizer Tube

    Product ID: H293

    Starting at: $317.25

  6. Microcentrifuge Tubes, 0.6 mL

    Product ID: C1992

    Starting at: $19.50

  7. Microcentrifuge Tubes, 1.5 mL

    Product ID: C1788

    Starting at: $11.96

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7 Item(s)