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PhytoTechnology Labs offers several kits for educational demonstration. Some of these kits are also popular for those just starting in plant tissue culture. The kits are designed to be flexible in their use, offering the educator or tissue culturist the ability to use the kit as a simple demonstration or experiment with different tissue culture applications. The kit bulletins are available for review on the Technical Information page.  


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  1. African Violet Multiplication Kit

    Product ID: A137

    Starting at: $78.00

  2. Carrot Tissue Culture Kit

    Product ID: C1955

    Starting at: $91.00

  3. Fern Multiplication Kit

    Product ID: F354

    Starting at: $81.33

  4. Gelling Agent Sample Pack

    Product ID: G3500

    Starting at: $16.22

  5. Hemp Multiplication Kit

    Product ID: C1850

    Starting at: $188.14

  6. Hosta Multiplication Kit

    Product ID: H411

    Starting at: $79.14

  7. Lily Multiplication Kit

    Product ID: L577

    Starting at: $72.49

  8. Media Coloration Sampler

    Product ID: M5856

    Starting at: $10.35

  9. Media Optimization Kit (MS)

    Product ID: M5630

    Starting at: $129.95

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Items 1 to 10 of 14 total

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