LB Agar, Miller Modification

LB Agar, Miller Modification

LB Agar, Lennox L Modification

LB Broth, Miller Modification

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Contains the nutrients as described by Bertani (1951), and Luria & Burrows (1955). Formulation modified by Miller (1972).

This medium is used to grow Escherichia coli for molecular biology applications. This is a rich medium that promotes rapid growth of pure cultures of recombinant strains. This is the most widely-used formulation of LB Broth, Stambrook (1989).

Also known as Lysogeny Broth or Luria-Bertani Broth.

Solubility Water
Physical Form Solid
Grams of powder to prepare 1 Liter 25
Product Number L475
Weight 0.0000
Storage Temp. 2 to 8 °C
Tariff Code 3821.00.0000